We increase people's productivity and satisfaction in the workplace!

We create innovative programs aimed at more efficient, loyal and productive employees!

We help you find yourself and connect more deeply with your inner strength!

Choose from our online programs, events and consultations! Start unlocking your potential now!

Ralitsa Manova

To be the reason to change someone is my greatest joy and I believe mission! I integrate into every single knowledge I have come to help others!

Mariana Petrova

Motivation is my element. The most inspiring and motivating thing for me is to support people on the path to reaching their full potential!

RM Ratio Motus

The pure desire to help others is our superpower! We started our company because we believe that the power we carry is a real reason for motivation! What does our name mean!

For your business

We have developed an innovative authoring method to improve and maintain mental health and
increase productivity in the workplace.

Our project aims at:

  • People learn a set of techniques that bring them back to good working order in minutes, even in times of crisis and stress;
  • The feeling of stress should be minimized to its healthy limits.
  • Feel more focused and energized during the work day;
  • Feel more motivated and inspired.
  • Connect with their workplace in a healthy way;
  • Create a more harmonious work environment;

For You

We believe in man and in his limitless possibilities. We created RM with the core intention of being another step towards a more joyful and fulfilling life for you. We know that the road is challenging and very dynamic. But we also know that the most natural aspiration of any human being is to come to a sense of joy and pleasure in life.


Welcome to consult with our psychologist if you need support and direction or book your coaching session if you need a career change. It will be a pleasure to work with you.

RM Programs

Join our online programs to unleash your personal potential. Get to know yourself and change your attitude about life. Be more motivated, more relaxed and more aware of your self-development. Sign up now.


Aware partnership

I decided to write about the conscious partnership because when I realized that with Mariana Petrova we had one, I thought how inspiring it was to strive...

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