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We assist in the discovery, recognition and connection with the inner strength of everyone and help to manifest it


Because we believe that our mission is to accompany others in their journey to more joy, clarity, and ease in life.

the founders of RM

Ever since I was a child, analyzes have been constantly going on in my mind – for myself, for situations, events, people. I don’t remember the times when I was free from this way of … functioning. I have always looked for the cause of what is and what we are. And to be the reason for changing someone is my greatest joy and I believe in a mission.

I believe that man follows his spiritual path and everything he goes through gives him lessons and experience and helps him to grow. I chose to follow my path, helping others in their personal and spiritual growth.

I began to integrate into everything that my life taught me and every knowledge I came to help others. It is extremely inspiring to me to create diverse and innovative programs to help people who incorporate psychology techniques, energy work methods, yoga and other spiritual teachings.


Ralitsa Manova




Working with people has always motivated me. After working for many years with corporate clients in the field of sales and at the same time dealing with my personal development and selfknowledge, I decided to change the field of professional expression. I decided to choose a career in which I could support other people in their path of development and unleash their full potential.

It is inspiring to me to see how after a practice or coaching session, people leave calmer, more smiling and more motivated. They already know what the next step is for the best version of themselves. 



Ralitsa Manova

  • HR Manager – certification from Project Management Academy
  • Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Certified yoga teacher for children under the RYE – FR program
  • Certified Yoga Teacher – IN

Mariana Petrova

  • HR Manager – certification from Project Management Academy
  • Certified Mediator from Achaia Mediation Center
  • Certified NLP Practitioner with Coaching Skills by NLP Training Center Accredited by Co-Creator of
    NLP Approach – John Grinder – UK
  • G3 – AT Sales Training
  • Master of Marketing
  • Bachelor of Economics


Dear Ralitsa and Mariana, Thank you
for "Your Change", which turned out
to be the real beginning of my change. For almost a month, I have learned a lot of truths about what my attitude should be, especially to myself, and
therefore to others, in order to start living a more peaceful and meaningful life. You have made the
program a thoughtful, quality and accessible statement that sets it apart from anything else I have
come across so far. Continue in the same spirit, your mission is great.


"I am extremely grateful to
Mariana for her good attitude
and strong support for my professional development. I have made great progress with it, it is an outstanding professional. I have also attended many different seminars, but it provides the information very understandably and I always benefit."


30 years

"In the program to unleash the
potential of the child, I actually
see that I can be part of building a person. As a parent, I believe this is my main task and I am grateful that I can do it.

It is invaluable to see your child flourish in this often gray world."


mother of 8 years old

"I was tense of work and involved
in the practice, initially I felt resisted
playing games and techniques - It looked  ridiculous at first, but when you overcome it, you relax and feel really relaxed, more loaded and -fresh."


29 years

"RM practice was very relaxing after
work. I came without expectations,
but I am pleasantly surprised. Was a lot of fun! I think the practices are very useful for teaming together in the."


30 years

"Ralitsa showed me how I can
experience situations on the path
of love as a value and as an instrument.
My work with Ralitsa has taught me that the difficult moments are not a punishment, but a great challenge, and I know now that I find it difficult to follow."


31 years

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